Whidbey Island Naval Air Station warm anomaly

In western Washington we have an ASOS site at Whidbey Island Naval Air Station (KNUW) whose temperature often runs considerably higher than surrounding sites.

For example, the high temperature today about 2 miles south of KNUW ASOS on Whidbey Island was 52 F at OAKH2.  Similarly, the AgWeatherNet site on northern Whidbey Island near Coupeville had a high temperature of 52.4 F.  But at KNUW ASOS the high temperature was 5 deg F warmer at 57 F.

At 2 PM PDT today (22 Sept 2015) the temperature at KNUW was running about +3 to +4 deg F warmer than surrounding sites as shown by this map.

It would be interesting to understand why the temperature at Whidbey Island NAS often runs so much higher than at surrounding sites.

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Record warm February 2015 at Hanford WA

The Hanford climate station in eastern Washington reports February 2015 to have been their warmest February in the 71 year historical record from 1945 – 2015.  The mean of 45.3 F exceeded the previous record in February 1958 by +0.8 F.  More detailed information can be found here.

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Warm February 2015 in the Pacific Northwest

Final results are in…at the Olympia Airport over the past 74 years since 1942 this past month was the 3rd warmest February in the historical record:

1) 1958   47.0 F
2) 1963   46.1
3) 2015   46.0
At Eugene Airport with 76 years of record since 1940 this past month was the 4th warmest February on record:
1) 1963  49.2 F
2) 1968  48.9
3) 1958  48.7
4) 2015  48.2
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Intense Cold Continues at Eureka Canada

March came in like a polar bear up in Eureka on the Arctic coast of Canada with a max temperature of -55 F and a min temperature of -60 F on 1 March 2013, the 2nd consecutive day to reach -60 F.  Yesterday marked the 12th consecutive day with a min temperature of -50 F or below at Eureka with 8 of those 12 colder than -55 F.  The SLP reached an unusually high 1051 hPa yesterday as well.

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Wenatchee WA reaches the freezing mark

They are celebrating in Wenatchee WA.  For the first time in nearly 3 weeks the temperature has risen above freezing with 33 F reported at 11 AM 29 Jan 2013.  The max temperature reached 37 F back on 10 Jan 2013 before sinking below the freezing mark for the next 19 days.

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500 hPa: Alaska warmer than Arizona today

Up at the 500 hPa level, this morning finds a considerably warmer temperature at Yakutat AK, with -19 C, than at Tucson AZ where the temperature is -31 C.  The warmest 500 hPA temperature this month (Jan 2013) at Yakutat AK was -17 C on 13 Jan 2013 while Tucson has today matched the -31 C also reported on 14 Jan 2013 for the coldest this month.  Check out the 500 hPa chart here.

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Warm early November 2012 in Walla Walla WA

The temperature reached 71 F at Walla Walla Airport on both 4 and 5 November 2012. While well above normal (54 F) it doesn’t come close to the November record high temperature of 80 F on 4 November 1975.

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