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Astoria Airport Temperature Observations

We are fortunate to have two co-located but different temperature sensors observing the temperature at Astoria Airport.  Yesterday (11 July 2017) was sunny in Astoria.  Over the 7 hours from 10 AM to 5 PM the Astoria ASOS averaged +1.2 … Continue reading

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Astoria Oregon on 10 July

After a low temperature of 56,  the high temperature yesterday (10 July 2017) at Astoria Airport reached 65..  For 10 July the mean low temperature at the Astoria Airport is nearly identical to that observed in downtown Astoria from 1893-1960, but … Continue reading

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Salem Oregon – Record February Precipitation

Salem Oregon reached a new February record high precipitation total of 13.22 inches through 4 PM 26 Feb 2017. Mean Salem precipitation is 4.74 inches in February, based on 124 years of data. Top 5 February precipitation totals out of past 125 … Continue reading

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Sub-Zero cold in eastern Oregon – 7 Dec 2016

Winter has arrived in Oregon!  This morning has seen sub-zero temperature readings in eastern Oregon.  The temperature at the Crane Prairie RAWS site (CPFO3) east of Seneca plummeted to -15 F this morning after a high yesterday of 24 F. … Continue reading

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Freeze in eastern Oregon – 25 June 2016

The temperature dropped to freezing yesterday morning at 8 RAWS sites in eastern Oregon.  But by late yesterday afternoon the temperature had climbed all the way to 80 F at 4 of the 8 sites.  The temperature at Burns ASOS dropped … Continue reading

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Late June hard freeze in eastern Oregon

Yesterday (19 June 2016) saw the temperature drop to 22 F at the Foster Flat RAWS site (elev 5000 ft) in the Harney Basin south of Burns .  This is the coldest temperature so far in the month of June 2016 … Continue reading

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Mid-June 2016 Cold Spell in Oregon

On 15 June 2016, 41 out of 132 RAWS sites in Oregon reported a minimum temperature at or below the freezing point (32 F) with 2 sites in Klamath and Deschutes Counties reporting 23 F.  The 850 hPa temperature at Salem … Continue reading

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