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Wet May 2011 in Miles City Montana

Miles City Montana with 7.50 inches of precipitation since 8 May has accumulated more than 3 times their normal May precipitation in the past two weeks.  Miles City’s mean annual precipitation is 13.4 inches. RECORD EVENT REPORT NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE … Continue reading

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Cold April up north in Eureka Nunavut

It was a very chilly April 2011 up north where Eureka Nunavut could only manage one day above zero all month. On 29 April 2011 the temperature inched above zero for a few minutes reaching 1 F. With considerable daylight … Continue reading

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Past Climate Myths: Rain Follows the Plow

I find it interesting how some of our modern-day myths concerning our climate, like the myth of the rapidly vanishing Cascade Mountain snowpack, have similarities to an earlier myth “Rain Follows the Plow” concerning the climate during the settlement of … Continue reading

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Tamarack CA snow depth record of 454 inches

100 years ago Tamarack CA (6913 ft) reported a US record snow depth of 454 inches on 10 March 1911.  They also reported a seasonal snowfall total of 767 inches that year. Fast forward 100 years and 9 days to … Continue reading

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