Sub-Zero cold in eastern Oregon – 7 Dec 2016

Winter has arrived in Oregon!  This morning has seen sub-zero temperature readings in eastern Oregon.  The temperature at the Crane Prairie RAWS site (CPFO3) east of Seneca plummeted to -15 F this morning after a high yesterday of 24 F.  SE of Bend at the Horse Ridge RWIS site (ODT33) the temperature also dropped to -15 F while Meacham ASOS along I-84 in the Blue Mountains recorded a minimum temperature of -11 F.

A new low temperature record of +2 F was established in La Grande along I-84 this morning:

1040 AM PST WED DEC 7 2016
STATION                  PREVIOUS     NEW     RECORDS
                         RECORD/YEAR  RECORD  BEGAN
LA GRANDE(CITY), OR      3 / 1978     2       1887
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2 Responses to Sub-Zero cold in eastern Oregon – 7 Dec 2016

  1. gordonfulks says:

    A small correction, if I may. Meacham, Oregon is not located along I-82 but along I-84 as it goes up to almost 5,000 feet across the Blue Mountains. I-82 does not go that high. Meacham is just about the coldest place in Oregon due to its elevation in Eastern Oregon. Only Seneca, Oregon has been colder, recording a -54 F in February 1933. By comparison, Meacham was a balmy -52 F at the same time, according to Wikipedia.

    Similarly, La Grande, Oregon is located along I-84 not I-82.

    Gordon J. Fulks, PhD (Physics)
    Corbett, Oregon USA

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