Late June hard freeze in eastern Oregon

Yesterday (19 June 2016) saw the temperature drop to 22 F at the Foster Flat RAWS site (elev 5000 ft) in the Harney Basin south of Burns .  This is the coldest temperature so far in the month of June 2016 at Foster Flat.  The  lowest temperature had been 26 F a week earlier on 12 June 2016. 

Picture of Foster Flat RAWS site in June 2006:

22 F was followed later in the day by a high of 76 F making for a diurnal range of 54 F just one day removed from the summer solstice.  Less than 36 hours after dropping to 22 F the temperature climbed all the way to 83 F the next day (20 June 2016).  A total of 11 RAWS sites in Oregon out of 132 total measured temperatures in the 20s yesterday morning at elevations ranging from 3231 to 5500 ft.

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