125 Years ago: Willamette Valley climate of 1891

Going back 125 years ago to the summer of 1891 we find some things just never change…note the Salem Statesman on 6 August 1891 was concerned about climate change, as quoted in the August 1891 monthly report of the Oregon State Climate Service.
Salem Statesman on 6 August 1891:

Yesterday afternoon the vicinity of Salem was again visited by a genuine down-East rain storm, with thunder and lightning accompaniments.  This is the second storm of this kind to visit this immediate section this season, and it is a remarkable fact that they are the first storms of this nature that ever made their presence know hereabouts.  The memory of the oldest inhabitant retains no recollection of like storms.  Many persons have seen it rain just as hard here as it did yesterday, but no such vivid flashes of lightning were ever seen here, nor was such loud and sharp thunder ever heard in the valley.
Can it be the climate is undergoing a change, or is this the exception that forms the rule?  But this season is a remarkably peculiar one, anyhow.  Winter held on unusually long, making a late spring, with rains well into summer.  And now, in the midst of harvest, to be treated to an electric storm–well, it is an attraction not down on the bills.

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