20 Years of Cooling at the Hanford climate station

Perhaps the most reliable rural climate record for the state of Washington is maintained 25 miles NW of Richland WA on the Hanford Reservation. Annual mean temperatures at the Hanford climate station have come full circle. At the beginning of the record the initial 5-yr mean was 53.0 F from 1945-49. 65 years later the most recent 5-yr mean temperature from 2007-2011 also stood at 53.0 F. The Hanford climate has cooled by -2.1 F over the past twenty years from a 5-yr mean of 55.1 F in 1990 to 53.0 today. Today’s (2007-2011) climate is cooler by -0.5 F than the 67-year period of record mean of 53.5 F. Annual temperatures over the past 5 years have been comparable to those measured in the 1970s. This link leads to a plot of the past 67 years of annual mean temperature at Hanford:

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