61 degrees on Washington coast, 2 Jan 2012

Unusual warmth broke out along the Washington coast this morning (2 Jan 2012) as La Push (NLPSH) watched the temperature rise from 45 to 56 F in 18 minutes from 4:18 to 4:36 PST. The temperature soon plateaued at 60-61 F over a 4 hour period from 5:18 to 9:12 PST before dropping back into the 50s. During this 4 hour period the wind blew at about 20 knots from the SSE (140 to 160). At nearby Quillayute (a few miles inland) the temperature reached 60 F at 7:53 PST. At the same time yesterday morning the temperature at La Push was 33 F, about 27 degrees cooler than today.

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