May-June 2011 temperatures across the West

The Eagle AK coop site (1949-present) near the Yukon River has never reported a temperature below 31 F this late in June.  Yet today, the nearby Eagle AK ASOS site observed a minimum temperature of 28 F, the 1st subfreezing temperature at Eagle since back on 17 May 2011, nearly a month ago.  Now it’s not like it hasn’t been warm there yet this year.  In fact, in the past month they have seen 14 days reach 70 and 4 days at or above 80, including 84 F back on 28 May 2011, just 3 degrees short of the May record of 87.  Compare that with 2 other locations which also average high temperatures near 70 in June, SeaTac WA and Oakland CA.  SeaTac has had 4 days reach 70 in the past month and Oakland ZERO.  In fact, Oakland CA has not been above 67 F since back on 5 May 2011, well over a month ago.

It is also worth noting that recent temperatures have not been above normal in the vicinity of the large Wallow fire burning in northeastern Arizona.  For instance, at Winslow AZ the temperature has averaged -1.4 F below normal over the past 30 days (11 May – 10 June 2011) and Douglas AZ has averaged -0.2 F below normal over the same 30-day period.

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