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Wallow Fire in Arizona

My working hypothesis about the Wallow Fire is that the rather rapid fire spread to the NE from the source region and large acreage burned was largely driven by unusually persistent 15-50 mph SW winds which were a result of … Continue reading

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First 100 degree day of 2011 in Las Vegas NV

The unusually cool weather in the West extends all the way down to Las Vegas NV where the average temperature over the past month has been nearly -5 deg F below normal.  Today saw the 1st temperature to reach 100 … Continue reading

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Warming in the Northern Rockies?

Like me you probably have read the recent news articles about the rapidly warming northern Rockies and the rapidly diminishing snowpack like this one: Overall, the average yearly snowpack across the northern Rockies directly known from snow records to … Continue reading

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May-June 2011 temperatures across the West

The Eagle AK coop site (1949-present) near the Yukon River has never reported a temperature below 31 F this late in June.  Yet today, the nearby Eagle AK ASOS site observed a minimum temperature of 28 F, the 1st subfreezing … Continue reading

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Squaw Valley CA 2010-11 snowfall reaches 810 inches

For the 1st time in the historical record the winter snowfall reached 700 inches in early April at Squaw Valley CA near Lake Tahoe.  From the Squaw Valley snow report on 7 April 2011: Thank you Mother Nature!  Squaw Valley … Continue reading

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Rare June Snowfall in the southern Sierra Nevada

The same storm that brought record breaking June rainfall to the central coast of California has today (6 June 2011) produced significant snowfall across the southern Sierras. From NWS Hanford CA: ****************************************************************** A RARE JUNE SNOWFALL IN THE SOUTHERN SIERRA … Continue reading

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Record low June temperature at Thermal CA – 5 June 2011

Thermal CA, 30 miles SE of Palm Springs, set a new record low temperature for June this morning (5 June 2011) with 50 F.  Records at Thermal extend back to 1950.  The old record was 51 F set in June … Continue reading

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